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Application accepted through Dec. 9 for the Cape Girardeau Fire Department Battalion Chief of Training and Safety. The BC will perform the following duties: evaluates the department’s needs and desires regarding training; establishes training goals and objectives to meet those needs and desires; develops a plan and schedule designed to accomplish the established training goals and objectives; Coordinates, organizes, and delivers training sessions that follow the established training goals and objectives; evaluates the effectiveness of the training program and reports results to Deputy Chief; serves as the program coordinator for hosted training courses; establishes goals and objectives to meet those needs and desires; develops, plans, organizes, and coordinates all components of the department’s safety and health program; acts as liaison with city’s safety committee and other external safety and health related groups; reviews accidents and injuries in order to identify preventable causes; responds to incidents and functions within the department’s Incident Command System as necessary; advises the Deputy Chief regarding budgetary needs related to the department’s training and safety and health programs; administers appropriations; maintains accurate records and reports; provides oversight to the department’s Explorer Program; as needed, works as an officer on a platoon to maintain shift staffing; and performs other related duties as assigned. A mandatory informational meeting will be held on December 10, 2021 at 0800 to deliver pre-test assignments and to answer testing process questions. Accommodations for zoom can be made during the informational meeting. Starting salary of $59,862 annually based on an average 40-hour workweek. Apply now at Learn More


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