Red House Interpretive Center Come join us, 10:00-2:00, for de…

Come join us, 10:00-2:00, for demos in blacksmithing, leather tooling, flint knapping, candle dipping, black powder gun display, antique tools display, utensil carving, and more! Plus live music, tours of the Red House, and MULE JUMPING Exhibitions! Frozen Scoops and more will be on hand if you need to nibble some machos, down a hot dog, pick up a pretzel, or let some smooth Italian iceh slide down your throat Where? At the Red House Interpretive Center, downtown Cape Girardeau, just across the street from Old St Vincents church. While youre in the area. Check out the Farmers market (open til noon), the magnificent Old St Vincents church (in the afternoon) or visit Cape's newest mini shopping area at the intersection of Main and William. Learn More


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