City of Cape Girardeau Condolences to the friends and f…

Condolences to the friends and family of Paul Stehr. He was known to be a family man, Central graduate, Scout, Marine, and among other accomplishments, our City’s Mayor 1978-1981. The following outlines part of his tenure in city service. 1978-1981 Served as Mayor, 4/4/78 to 4/13/81 1972-1981 Served on the City Council, 4/4/72 to 4/13/81 1993 Chairman of the Charter Review Committee Council members he served with include Bradshaw Smith, Jerry Reynolds, Robert Herbst, Oliver Hope, Howard Tooke, Sam Gill, Gail “Woody” Woodfin, Donald Strohmeyer City Events: - Water Treatment Plant No. 2 constructed (1978) - Wastewater treatment plant expanded and upgraded (1978) - City Hall moved from Common Pleas Courthouse to Old Lorimier School (1978) - Purchased land for a Public Works site on N. Kingshighway (1978) - Blizzard of 1979, 24” of snow in two days - Council authorized installation of emergency alert sirens (1979) - Public Library moved to its current building on North Clark St (1979-1980) - Parking meters were abolished in the city (1980) - Flood Plain Management Regulations were adopted (1980) Learn More


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