City of Cape Girardeau Masking Required in City Facilities

With active COVID cases over 320 in Cape Girardeau County, our City-owned facilities like City Hall will begin requiring masks and encouraging more distant and virtual options for service delivery where practical. Please honor the rules put in place when on private property like businesses, households, and other public agencies. Like you, we’re all doing the best we can with the information we have, to keep each other safe and healthy.
If you have medical questions about COVID, the vaccine, or anything else, remember to take your inquiry to trusted sources like your primary care provider.

About Masking at Parks & Recreation 

For more information on this policy, please contact any facility listed below, or call our Parks & Recreation Main Office at 573-339-6340. 

A.C. Brase Arena – Masks are required when conducting business at the Parks & Recreation Main Office, or when renting the facility for private functions. This also applies to the 4-H Exhibit Hall.

Cape Splash & Central Municipal Pool – Masks are not required nor allowed in the water. You can choose to mask in concession lines or in the restroom where you are unable to social distance from other family units. Staff who are able to social distance such as lifeguards, will not need to wear a mask.

Jaycee Municipal Golf Course – Masks are encouraged when conducting business in the Pro Shop. Masks are not required while out on the course if you are in a cart that has the plastic divider, and if you can social distance while out on the course.

Osage Centre, Shawnee Park Center & SportsPlex – Masks are required when conducting business at the front desk or office, while being a spectator, and when renting a facility for private functions. Masks are not required while playing sports or exercising in a fitness room or group fitness class. Please practice social distancing in fitness rooms and group fitness classes. Masks will not be required in any designated eating areas, but will be required while in concession lines & when ordering.

Shawnee & Arena Park Sports Complex (outdoor ballfields) – Masks are encouraged in the restroom or in line at the concession stand but Players/Coaches/Officials while engaged in the physical activity will not be required to wear a mask.

New Lorimier Cemetery Office. – Masks are required to conduct business. Masks are not required outside if you are able to social distance.

Parks and Recreation Programming – Staff will be required to wear a mask with the exception of those conducting physical activities and who are not able to social distance.


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