SEASONAL FIREWORKS GUIDELINES FOR RETAIL LOCATIONS Every wholesale or retail vendor must have and display a City Merchant’s License, County Merchant’s License and State Permit. Retail sales locations must be inspected by the Cape Girardeau Fire Department before a City Merchant’s License is issued to the vendor. Locations may also be inspected by a representative of the Missouri State Fire Marshall’s office. City Merchant’s License: City fees are $10, plus a tax of $1 per $1,000 of gross receipts. Fees cover the first $10,000 of vendor’s gross receipts. County Merchant’s License: Cape Girardeau County fees are $25 for each retail location; a Missouri Sales Tax Number is needed to apply for a County Merchant’s License. Missouri State Permit: The Missouri State Permit for Seasonal Retail Sale of Fireworks is $25 per location. See more at or download our brochure at Learn More


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