Street Update Fall 2022 Street Update Fall 2022

The City of Cape maintains more than 230 miles of street and 22 miles of alleyways, which is roughly the same distance as a drive to St Louis and back. Some roadway in Cape Girardeau is privately owned or maintained by other agencies (such as Kingshighway). The average age of our streets is close to 35 years. About two-thirds of our streets are lighter-colored concrete and the remaining streets are darker asphalt. Street Maintenance efforts are coordinated by both our Public Works and Community Development Departments.

Current Active Projects

West End Boulevard from Rose to Bertling
Full reconstruction, New Curb and Gutter, Drainage Improvements, and Sidewalks, Streetlights
Construction could take up to a year through August 2023. Expanded stormwater and a replacement sewer system is included in the project. Read more at

Concrete Repairs (TTF) 2022-2023
Annual allotment from the Transportation Trust Fund Sales Tax dedicated to high-priority concrete repairs. Work began on Siemers in August 2022 and will be complete in the summer of 2023. Projects will include:

  • El Rio – Putter’s to Lakewood
  • Quail - Pheasant Cove to Caribou
  • Pheasant Cove - Old Hopper to 3508 Pheasant Cove
  • Glenview - Old Hopper to Cul-De-Sac
  • Siemers - 74 to Richmond
  • Siemers - Campster to Lambert Large portions of concrete patching will occur within each street section

Asphalt Repairs (TTF) 2022-2023

Annual allotment from the Transportation Trust Fund Sales Tax dedicated to high-priority asphalt repairs. Work began in October 2022 and will resume when weather allows in 2023, to be completed in June 2023.

  • Park St. (Cousin - Jefferson)
  • Brenda St. (Scott's - Cul-De-Sac) - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  • Henderson Ave. (Independence - William)
  • Luce St. (Sunset - Keller)
  • Middle St. (Pearl - Mill)
  • Northview Dr. (Bloomfield - Timmar) - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  • Park Dr. (Fountain - Main)
  • Spring St. (Themis - End of Right of Way)
  • Jefferson St. (Ellis - Sprigg)
  • Mill St. (Fountain - End of Asphalt)
  • McDonald St. (Haddock - Dead End)
  • Meadow Lark Ln. (Northview - Chesley) - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  • Timmar Ln. (Northview - Chesley) - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  • Timon Way (Vincent - Dumais)
  • Jefferson St. (Pacific - Ellis, Jefferson St. (Middle to Asher)
  • Garnet Ln. (North Lake - North Lake) - DONE
  • Quince St. (Barberry - Edgewood) - DONE
  • Quince St. (Edgewood - Dead End) - DONE
  • Spring St. (Good Hope - Bloomfield) - DONE

2023 Accelerated Street Repair Projects funded by Capital Improvement Tax Renewal 2019

Portions of the following streets are included in the proposed work:

  • Lacey Street from Broadway to the Top of Hill
  • Lacey Street from Parking Lot to N. Sunset Boulevard
  • Beavercreek Drive from N. Mount Auburn Road to 3011 Beavercreek Drive
  • 3075 to 3107 Beavercreek Drive
  • Beavercreek Drive at Arrowhead Court
  • Beavercreek Drive Cul-de-Sac
  • 204 to 290 Rockport Drive
  • 1805 to 1841 Lakeshore Drive
  • Lakeshore Drive at Bernice Street
  • 2007 to 2034 Kenneth Drive
  • S. Broadview Street from Tanner Drive to Golden Street
  • Fitzgerald Drive from N. Main Street to Cape Meadows Circle
  • 516 to 1721 Cape Meadows Circle
  • Cape Meadows Circle from 524 Cape Meadows Drive to McKenna Drive
  • Cape Meadows Circle at Fitzgerald Drive intersection

Sprigg Street from William to Broadway
SUBSTANTIALLY COMPLETE 2022: Street Surface Replacement, Sidewalks, Right-Turn Lane at William/Sprigg

College Street

Nearing completion

Independence Street from Gordonville/East Rodney to Clark
Traffic Study to Address Congestion, Implement Recommendations from Study
Acquisition still underway. Appraisals taking longer than expected for acquisition of right of way. Anticipated 2023-24

Main Street
Full reconstruction, New Curb and Gutter, Sidewalks
Anticipated 2023-24

Improvements to the Route 74 /Minnesota Ave Intersection
(TTF*, Cost-Share with MODOT)
Anticipated 2023

Maria Louis TAP Project – Sidewalks and Pedestrian Crossing (2023)
Anticipated 2023

Sprigg TTF6 – Shawnee to Southern Expressway
Designing in-house, bidding Summer 2023

Public Works

The Public Works Department has a small crew who typically work on street repairs and pothole patching when weather allows, as well as mowing and other tasks. Renewal of the Capital Improvement Sales Tax provided an additional half million annually for contracted concrete repairs.

Pothole Patching

Pothole patching is especially needed after a heavy winter. Water tunnels under streets through defects caused by traffic, then freezes and expands making the pavement also expand and weaken. When the ice melts, there is sometimes a void left under the street. As traffic travels over the weakened pavement, it breaks and forms potholes. Learn more at

Community Development Department

Our Community Development Department manages the majority of street construction and repair which is funded through the Transportation Trust Fund Program. The annual Concrete and Asphalt programs are funded through TTF and are usually completed by contractors in the warmer months.

Street and Lane Closures

Utility companies, contractors, government agencies, and other private entities close streets for various repairs and projects. Thank you for being mindful of the workers on site. Known and substantial closures are posted on the City’s website and social media, and sent to our weekly email subscribers and local media. 


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