Water Main Break 101 Water Main Break 101

What happens during a water main break? Watch this video to learn more! Also, sign up for urgent texts and emails www.cityofcape.org/getalerts


Our partner, Alliance Water Resources, helps us get 38 MILLION gallons of clean water to Cape every week. They maintain our 319 miles of water main pipes, seven wells, and other infrastructure. Thank you for their everyday work and especially for any time they work overnight, in inclement weather, and away from their families to keep this critical resource flowing to all of Cape Girardeau!

💧Precautionary boil water advisories are issued when contamination is not known, but possible, due to a break or other issue.
💧Boil water orders are issued when contamination is found.

And thank you Mark, Cain, and producer Bennett for making us this video!


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