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Cape Girardeau Fire Department Testing Hydrants The Cape Girardeau Fire Department, in partnership with Alliance Water Resources, will begin testing fire hydrants throughout the city starting September 11, 2023. The annual testing should be completed by Friday, November 17, 2023. There are approximately 2800 fire hydrants throughout the city of Cape Girardeau. During this time, residents near the tested hydrant might notice a slight discoloration of their water. In the event that the color has changed, residents should run a stream of water for approximately one minute. The testing could also create a slight decrease in water pressure. In the event that water pressure does decrease, this should be minimal and only last for a few minutes. Residents with any water service questions or concerns are welcome to call Alliance at 573-339-6357. To receive a text reminder of hydrant testing, and any future Public Works alerts related to water and trash services, register at Testing consists of checking valve operation and flow rates, and maintenance and lubrication of the hydrant cap threads. Personnel will also note the overall condition of the hydrant itself. Alliance employees will repair or replace any hydrants as needed. According to National Fire Protection Association codes and standards (NFPA 291), all fire hydrants should be tested at least every five years and flushed annually. Fire hydrant testing and maintenance is a key component of fire protection in the city. For more information: Cape Girardeau Fire Department 573-339-6330 // Battalion Chief Norman Baker Alliance Water Resources 573-339-6357 // Learn More


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