Cape Fire Department During April, we are celebrating…

During April, we are celebrating 5 anniversaries. BC Norman Baker has been with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department since 2000. He is in charge of C Platoon and oversees Fire Operations including firefighting at the airport. He is also an EMT. Jason Garms is our mechanic. He does many of our automotive repairs himself finding the appropriate people to do the rest. He is also instrumental in many of our building upkeep projects. He has been with the Department since 2005. Captain Andrew Juden works at Station 1 and captains the ladder truck on B Platoon. He also oversees the Uniform Committee. Captain Juden has been with the Department since 2010. Captain Willie Nelson is a member of C Platoon. Captain Nelson is at Station 3 and is an EMT. He has been with the Department since 2017. Driver/Operator Cody Johnson is in charge of the truck while on scene. He is also a Paramedic and on our Technical Rescue Team. He is at Station 1 on B Platoon. He has been with the 2017. Between these 5 personnel, we have a combined 72 years of experience!!! Thank you, gentlemen, for everything you do to keep us safe and the Department ready to do at a moment's notice. Learn More


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