Cape Fire Department On Friday, October 15th, 2021, w…

On Friday, October 15th, 2021, we hosted a Swearing-In Ceremony and recognized many fire department personnel that have been promoted or hired over the past 18 months. Gayle Conrad, City Clerk, assisted with the installation of personnel in their positions. Please join us in congratulating and recognizing the following individuals: Promoted to Fire Chief: Randy Morris Jr. Promoted to Deputy Chief: Dustin Koerber Hired as Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal: Greg Hecht Promoted to Battalion Chief: Shawn Morris Promoted to Captain: James Baker, Nick Luckey, Andy Matthews, Bryan Stroer, JoJo Stuart, Justin Siemers, and David Uptmor Promoted to Driver/Operator: Justin Drury, Kevin Drury, Jamie Hann, Cody Johnson, Chris Miller, Willie Nelson, Mike Schmidt, and Zach Schneider Hired as Firefighters: Justin Angle, Brock Austin, Jacob Burns, Kolbe Drury, Jeremy Freeman, Jacob Gentry, Auggie Knutson, Kyle Litchfield, Donnie Shaw, Hunter Stoffregen, and James Stufflebean Learn More


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