Cape Fire Department Our final post of July Anniversa…

Our final post of July Anniversaries includes four firefighters who were hired last July celebrating their completion of one year on duty! During their first year, their schedules are packed full of learning and growing as a firefighter. They learn about all of the different apparatus, the different stations, the different response districts, and all of the polices and procedures for the department. It's a lot, but we are proud of them for completing their first year! Let's introduce you to them: Chase King is currently working on C Platoon at Station 1 and is an EMT. Next up is Getsen Garcia. He is an Advanced-EMT, which is a step between an EMT and a Paramedic. He is currently on C Platoon at Station 3. David Goehman is an EMT and recently joined the Cape Girardeau Fire Department’s Dive Team which helps during water incidents. He is on B Platoon at Station 4. Finally, Jacob Goode is an EMT and he is also on the Dive Team. He works on A Platoon at Station 1. It’s been a great year getting to know these “new” firefighters. We look forward to watching them become the “old” (more experienced) firefighters! Learn More


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