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Today we are celebrating four of our firefighters that had anniversaries in September. They are Brad Martin, Jeremy Freeman, Jacob Burns, and Dustin Vincent. Firefighter Brad Martin is celebrating 8 years of service. FF Martin started with the Cape Girardeau Fire Department in September of 2015. He is an EMT and works at Station 1 on C Platoon. One of his duties is to maintain our Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment to make sure they fit and work properly. Firefighter Jeremy Freeman is celebrating 3 years. FF Freeman has been with the Department since September of 2020. He is an EMT and works at Station 1 on C Platoon. He has been involved in teaching a Fire I & II class at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center. This offers high school students the opportunity to learn all about our rewarding career and become certified by graduation. Firefighter Jacob Burns began at the Department in September of 2020 so he is celebrating 3 years as well. He is a Paramedic, a member of the Homeland Security Response Team, and a Tactical Medic for the Special Response Team. He works out of Station 1 on A Platoon. Firefighter Dustin Vincent started with the Department last September and has recently completed his probationary year. He is celebrating his 1 Year Anniversary. He has worked at all of the stations to learn streets, apparatus, and meet all of our personnel. Currently FF Vincent is assigned to Station 2 on A Platoon. Congratulations to everyone on your years of service. We look forward to many more with you! Learn More


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